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Rainbow Reef Divers was formed in 1994. We are a unified team of diving enthusiasts whose passion is fun and safe diving. We are named after a beautiful dive site in Maldives called Rainbow Reef, which has the most spectacular and splendid colours resembling the rainbow.

Pursue Your Passions
Regardless of your current certification or where you've trained (PADI, NAUI, SSI, IANTD, ANDI, TDI, SDI, BSAC, CMAS, etc) our classes guide you to your next level of diving, whether it's open water, deep, cave, or wreck.  In the water we train as a team and explore as a team. The classes you take will foster life-long diving friendships and partnerships with fellow divers and our Rainbow Reef Unified Team.

We offer diving education for
-Newbies who wish to learn to dive
-Individuals who are passionate on diving as a professional career
-Technical explorers of the wreck and deep

We believe in a prepared diver who is a "thinking diver", a diver, one who has a keen sense of self, team members, environment, and equipment. This will enable the diver to reach full diving potential while understanding and preventing situational hazards

Our motto is "Dive Safety Through Quality Education as a Unified Team"


Season Opening Updates

Our Equipment
We have changed our training equipment from traditional to backplate/wing and sidemount system. Our regulators are configured with long hose and necklace short hose (Hogarthian). The equipment used by our students will be similar to those quality equipment owned by our Instructors and Divemaster!

Our Classes
Classes will start with Foundation Skills where students will be taught and required to be in proper trim and buoyancy. Next building block is Personal Skills where student will be performing Personal Skills while maintaining neutral buoyancy instead of kneeing at the bottom of the pool or seabed. Next we move on to Team Skills.

For SCUBA Diver/Openwater course, there will be 2 days of pool session (Sat and Sun) instead of just 2 evening of pool sessions. Video will be taken during pool training and review will be conducted after the pool session.

The principal behind these changes are:
1. Law of Primacy. The skills first taught the student will remember the most.
2. Consistency in your equipment. Equipment use should be consistent through their dive education and be able to grow with the students as they progress in their dive education.
3. Foundation skills such as buoyancy and trim need to be mastered before the students move to other skills.

Join us today and see how we are changing the way we are teaching you to dive. These changes are made with student safety and learning in mind.

Safe diving, UTD Singapore - Rainbow Reef Unified Team