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Testimonials from customers and students

Sis Dunnoehue
I enjoyed attending your scuba session. I have learnt a lot of knowledge and techniques that could be useful in my future dive trips. The people who make this possible also POWER lah! You are a fine instructor. I will recommend others too. BTW the UTD/Hogarthian Session is awesome.  Your backward kicks like lorry reverse..Power lah!

Mawi Mugen
Hey there Poh Chang (Lendar).... great of you to teach us the alternative techniques in diving style.... really learned a lot. Hope to have many more session with u guys.

Rina Ho
Anambas Anambas, here we come
On board for 3 days, in shade & sun
Seven skies, Damar, Repulse pack with fun
Sarah D & Barge - nothing seen nor done

Welcome welcome the Anambas gang
Led by Poh Chang - double wet suit man
Carries 2 tanks like garang guni man
Together with Greg - the dive specialist fan

Big guy Hooi Jin, our dear Dive master
Tatooed Manuel, our pro photographer
How we wish to see the treasures of the sea
Thought Olle was barracuda, & whale shark for Dennis
But thank God seasick Errol dived
Saw Manta Ray & that's no lie!

Talk about lazy, the champion's Arthur
Dived naked - {mean suitless} - my buddy dear
Well-trained taiti king, Engelbert
The formula to win - he search & search

Spice girls divers with hard core Michelle
Pretty Pauline, whome we waited like hell
SPG....err...Sarong wrapped Geraldine
& sassy Vanessa, the Bikini Queen

That leaves me, Rina, the crazy poem Freak
With no regrets for embarking on this trip
But most of all, made new friends so dear
Whom I like to leave with, a serious poem here

The beauty of the seas calls
Beneath the fearsome waves
Fishes swarm in pure sweet joy
Rainbow colours & blooming flowers
Where SILENCE is music
& Tranquility sinks with me
Into the borderless Ocean Deep

Dive with Rainbow Reef
You dive with PEACE

Yau Lam (Ian)
Very good, waiting for more exciting leisure dives.

Tan Geok Hwa
Great experience, good dive instructor helped to overcome fear.  Overall very enjoyable trip.

Damien Leong
Great time, highly recommended!! Patience & clear instructions.  Had a wonderful time! Coaching is excellent!!

Ho Fook Wee
See more fishes and star fishes, don't know their names though.  Good experience, more confident.  Found skills learnt helpful.
Amelia and Simone
Accommodation:  Good sea view!!
Food: Excellent!
Dive: OK
Instructor:  the best!!

Marcus Syn
Great experience.  Good instructor enhanced enjoyability.  It was good learning experience.  GREAT!!

Gloria Siow
Perhaps I was rather fearful of the water.  Glad that Poh Chang is experienced and had a calming effect on me.  Other than this, it is fascinating to stare into the eyes of fishes so close!!
Fook Song
Simply good, (food, fishes, everything!)

Gan Ching Ching
Too much food, always very full.  Instructor - GOOD

Tan Kok Peng
Had a VERY rough boat trip to Pulau Aur, however the morning view of the VERY beautiful Diver's Lodge.  All dives are fund and rewarding, but the night dive lead by Poh Chang is the BEST, VERY EXPERIENCE dive instructor, know all the best spot!!

Geraldine Pooh
Although almost half dead from the midnight boat ride to Pulau Aur, It's simply very rewarding and enjoyable place to have our NAUI Scuba Diver training dives!!  There are lot of interesting fishes and I even spotted a moral eel at Pulau Laang during skin diving.  I must come back to Pulau Aur for the night dive!!

Yeo Chay Khiang
The very first moment, I step out of the boat, I was really captured by the scenery of Pulau Aur.  Very good & clean lodging.  Enjoy my first dive trip & was fascinated by the marine lifes.  Heard about the beautiful night dive and it really makes me want to come back for my Advanced course!!  Skin diving is equally fun too!!  Was great that I have signed up for the course!!

Leslie Loh
Poh Chang is very informative on diving makes me feel more secure when diving.  The day dives were OK with lots of fishes.  But current was abit too strong, though I have done night dive before but this one is very enjoyable.  Saw the giant ray swimming pass by me!!  But hope to see the manta ray and whale shark too!!

Stephanie Lim
The journey to Pulau Aur was terrible.  On the hind sight, the resort facilities are superb as compared to Pulau Tioman.  Though I have serious motion sickness, I get to enjoy the dive with Desmond Divemaster.  He guided me well & I was reassured to do the dives!!

Richard Chee
The boat trip from Mersing to Aur was rather bumpy.  I did not know that I would suffer from motion sickness.  On the whole a great dive experience, very memorable first dive trip.  Plenty of food, great visibility in the water, friendly staff.  Very competent instructor (Poh Chang) who took very good care of my wife (Wendy) and me.  Certainly make me hooked on diving.  Very glad that the training help my wife overcome her fears,  I feel ery assured with Poh Chang and would certainly recommend you (Poh Chang) to any potential diver-in-the-making without hesitation.

Wendy Boey
Pulau Aur is very beautiful and the resort is just wonderful!!  I was pretty scared of all the exercises we had to do for the NAUI Scuba Diver course but thanks to you (Poh Chang)!! I completed all of them better that I had anticipated!!
My "apple-in-the-throat-syndrome" even disappeared.  You are really a wonderful instructor extremely patient, clear and rather fun.  Most of all, I want to thank you for accomodating our schedule even when it means you are making an extra trip to Pulau Aur this weekend for only the two of us.  And that is immediately following one just last weekend!!  You could well have done something else.....  REALLY APPRECIATE THAT!!!
Came for Master Scuba Diver Training.  The diving are fantastic!! Especially Pinnacles.  Good job!! Poh Chang!!

KC Wong
Master Scuba Diver Training @ Pulau Aur.  The regular dive sites again and still have its charm after 5 years.  As always, nite dive and dawn dive is most interesting.  Close encounter with a 3 feet sleeping turtle and school of 8 bumphead parrot average 4-5 foot.  It just fantastic!!  Experience of a lifetime, all thanks to Poh Chang's sharp eyes and leading abilities.  5 STAR to you!!
Teng Li Seong
"What the hell is that?" I uttered. "Quite nice-heh!!".
"Juvenile batfish" said Poh Chang.  I tell myself if it goes on like this, the guy (Poh Chang) can offer 'money back guarantee' thing.  You want juvenile batfish, you got it!
You want rare colourful nudibranch, you got it!  Best of all the nudibranch are mating, if I'm not mistaken.
And I got my turtle back in this trip & best of all get to touch it too.
For the first time get to feel how pufferfish, cuttle fish, juvenile batfish, turtle feel like.  Actually they all feel the same but FANTASTIC.FABULOUS TRIP, EXCELLENT, BEST INSTRUCTOR!!

Lim Kim Soon
This trip we went to Bahara Rock, Pulau Jahat and did our night dive at the house reef.  Did our natural navigation and night navigation.  It was a smooth return with Poh Chang's guidance.
In this trip, there are a few first.  It was the first time I touch a cuttle fish, came close (within arm's length) with a turtle and got sting by a sea-urchin..Ouch!!...it still hurts :  (
It was a enjoyable trip with a few rare marine life seen during our night dive.  We saw juvenile batfish and a rare species of shark.
Alan Poh
Well, I guess it was conincidental that I took this course with you (Poh Chang)....But no regrets, in fact many commendable points...Very patient instructor, maybe that's because we're good....But, sadly I was down with sea-sickness and although was only half-fit for the dive, there was great precaution in dispatching my dives!!
All in all, its a great start to have take this "beginner's" course with you and I know it'll be the beginning of many more courses and dives...Highly recommended instructor for all..

Caroline Lee
Fantastic!! Great memories for my first dive.  Its been an overdue course that I've wanted to take since 3 yrs ago...but I'm glad to took it with you (Poh Chang) ... all the new friends I have ... great experience!! Well..looking forward to take my advanced course soon!! Chau! For now!

Daryl Tng
This is a trip I will remember for life.  And after deciding to take up diving after 5 years.  Nonetheless, it was a good refresher as I picked up some long forgotten diving skills after listening to Poh Chang's briefing.

Geraldine Hong
Xiong, man!!! Came for my rescue course.  Have not been so physically challenged in diving for a long time.  Fin...Fin...Fin..like crazy, 10 counts and 2 ventilations.  Wow lao!! But actually, the whole training was very fun.  We learnt many new skills.  I now feel fully trained !! to rescue a skin diver and scuba diver in distress.  Thanks Poh Chang!!
Yu Sow Ching
As usual, diving with Poh Chang is always filled with fun, laughters and numerous tips and knowledge about diving.  Overall a good trip and I've learned ways to deal with current.  Poh Chang is our excellent teacher!!
Dennis Cheong
It's back to Pulau Aur again after 2 years of diving.  Things have definately changed.  Marine life not as abundant as before.  But the company more than make up for this trip.  Chew is an excellent instructor giving tips and pointers not matter how experience diver you are.  Thanks for the good times and looking forward to more!!

This is my first time at Pulau Aur.  Was surprise how near Pulau Dayang was. Garich and Poh Chang were good guides and I appreciated their approach towards taking safety precautions always!! Thank you!! Overall food was great and enjoyed the company immensely.  As my ex-CE had said "total experience is very important"!!
Perhaps next time, I'll try the advanced just for the nite dive experience...Hang loose! : )

Randall Tan
Gained lots more confidence, especially in navigation.  Good to get it right the first time.  Thanks for gentle pressure.  Telok Jawa was indeed a pretty place (Coral garden) for the exercise.  Would love to see the Pinnacles the next time, but hopefully by then, there'll be a direct fast launch from Singapore.  Do keep us in mind for more adventure!!

Ranita S.
Hey Chew!! Thanks for making this trip really fun-except for swimming against the current!! If I ever decide to do my Advanced, I'll definately want you as my teacher.

Paul Choo
Great instructor!! I will definitely continue my education only with you.  Thanks for helping me thru this first course, its a great experience especially these 3 days at Pulau Aur.

Kevin Lim
Excellent trip.  Planning and co-ordination was very good.  In terms of dive education & safety awareness, I rank it 10 of 10!!
Definitely a good experience, handled with professionalism and commitment.
Great method of acquiring insights and comments.  Poh Chang you've been a fantastic dive leader, with a wonderful wealth of experience and insight keep it up and god bless.
Jean Tan
A conscientious Instructor who is responsible and inspires confidence in his student. Very safety conscious. Trip was an eye opener, first live-on-board, rough boat ride, tough entries with currents. After this, boat trip to Aur shoud be 'easy'

Karl-Henz Weltz
We had the opportunity thanks to Poh Chang and Vidar to visit dive sites, which haven't been seen by many people before. The dive sites are almost as beautiful and exciting as my dive buddies.

Gan Jui Chui
Well organized trip. Lotsa food, friendly dive buddies, responsible instructor and divemasters . My first live-on-board. The boat ride to the 1st dive site was longer than expected. Otherwise, it was truly enjoyable & memorable.

Merey Tan & Tan Eng Wan
It was a good break for both of us. Overall a well organized trip. With good companies & dive sites!! It's our 1st live-on-board, as it is the probably the same case for the rest of the divers. Good experience & so no regrets on taking the IANTD Nitrox Course. At least we learned something new! : )

Ayako Nishimura
It was very nice trip, but I can't speak English. I will study English.

Yumiko Nishimura
I had the best birthday I've ever had entire of my life!! (THANKS everyone : ) !!). Food was great, visibility was fantastic and corals more beautiful. I enjoyed very much!!! Eat, Sleep and Dive : )!!!!

Akane Kumagai
This is my first live-on-board diving trip. I got a little bit sea sick, but the diving at Anambas was enough worth. I enjoyed very unique wreck diving. The corals are so fine and beautiful!!! Thanks you for organizing this wonderful trip!!!

Simone Chan
Am glad that I came for this trip tho' my best 'bud' missed this trip. Diving was beautiful, company was great, food was yummy, vis was super. Chang, Tynny & Desmond were fantastic!!! : )

Desmond and Tynny
My first live-on-board dive trip. It's good diving, food and companies. It's the best dive sites with good vis that I'veever done!!

Sow Ching
Good dive, great buddy, great food and a whole bunch of fun-loving people. Schools of barra & batfishes are memory that I will never forget.

I really must say that this trip is worth it!! I really had a great time and best vis. Abundance marine life and sea bed full of corals!!! Currents was pretty strong for couple of dive sites. It's really an entire different experience. Well Empress is alot more stable than I expected! Surrounding is only ocean, ocean and sky!!!. Beautiful!! At night, star gazing is great!!!

Ching Ching
It's an experience lots of 1st time this trip. However knew lots of interesting people. Thanks for everything!!

Lee Christopher
Definitely value for money trip with lots of laughter, especially with Poh Chang, Jack, Jean, Richard and Wendy. Took my advanced Scuba course with Poh Chang and he is cool with his Bio-Fin. He has provided me professional instructions & looking forward to more leisure trips with him. Good work pal!!

Wendy Boey
Second dive trip since getting the Scuba diver certification - which was 21/2 months ago. Felt extremely rookie. However, had very assured and safe feeling diving with Poh Chang who oozed with professionalism and safetly consciousness.

Jean Tan
Fantastic trip - great vis, saw turtle, bara, puffer fish and morray eels. One large 'jack fish' and great dive group sense of humour & great food. Coming back again.

Richard Chee
Fantastic trip. Very challenging dive at the Pinnacles, current very strong. Good company, crazy bunch of people, gives new meaning to diving!!! Looking forward to the next trip.

Ng Ying Ling
Enjoyed the trip tremendously. First dive into the sea, saw lots of fishes and shared great jokes with the gang. Ivan, Jean, Tynny, Desmond and Pearl. Great guidance given by instructor Poh Chang. Wow!! 5 dives this trip, certainly an lifetime experience. An unforgetable trip

Wendy Boey and Richard Chee
A rewarding trip with sighting of the much talked about turtle and sting rays and not to mention the usual colorful fishes. Many thanks to May Ling who led the dives. Overall, a very enjoyable trip with a great company of fellew divers.

Dennis Cheong
Diving again with Poh Chang, this time to some place new where few dare to venture. This Anambas trip was different, we were going to see a piece of history, the HMS Repulse!! Diving at an average of 40m was the norm. The best dive was at P. Damar (nite dive) and at Repulse. Thrilling to see things from WWII!!! Overall, this a memorable trip made new friends. Till we meet again!! Thanks for everything Poh Chang.

Hooi Jin
This was a different trip!!! Yup learnt to play ChuaTai Tee!! A good dive trip with great company who can't sing.

KC Wong
Wreck dives all the way!!! Highlight was definitely HMS Repulse WWII wreck with lots of histroy stories and tales. Lifetime experience to see her lying in peace middle of South China Sea. The company is fun and make many new friends and dive buddy.

Greg Scotts
@ Poh Chang invitation, to join a new group to Anambas. Interesting, challengin g & rewarding. Next stop Trimix!! IANTD = Fun with safety & preparation.